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Great work throughout the tournament! I like how you kept a consistent theme throughout, your collective entries feel like they could have a gallery showing. What would you call the showing if you had one?

Also damn I totally misunderstood the fireworks movie.

i think i'd like to edit all the films into a single intercut piece about relationships. maybe spend a couple weeks making some transitional animations to fill in any stylistic gaps. not sure about what i'd call it, but it'd be a fun experiment at least.

and no worries about the fireworks short, it's definitely on me for having a voice actor read lines about my life without somehow clarifying that it was actually my experience. though i think it's safe to say that, at this point, bindy has pretty much become the voice of me in my shorts.

It is always a blast to work with you! Any time man!

The mystery behind the Beyoncé lyrics are revealed.

shhh don't tell anyone, it's a secret

Oh, how I wish I had the time to leave a review... damned PhD! :(

Suffice to say, your pieces for the NATA have amazing, through and through, original, interesting, clever, funny and just plain good, and ‘your art is shit’ is no exception. Your output has been, consistently, the best of the last months, and I'm hugely impressed by it all.


you put school before newgrounds? pshhh nerd

Amazing work all NATA. My hat is off to you. Go take a vacation

i could definitely use one, but nope. it's off to freelance land. hopefully i can find time to hop in the car and do a weekend roadtrip though

Amazing work Dylan! Your ability to create coherent but abstract animations is something to be admired :) I've been dabbling in photoshop because of the work I've seen come out of you utilizing that program. Best of luck with whatever your next project is!!

good luck with photoshop! can definitely be weird to learn at first, but i think it's worth it in the end. even if you still work in a vector program for most of your work, the option for some raster stuff when you need it is always handy

Your NATA submissions were all super awesome. Also your style is very tasteful and unique. In other word, I want to be just like you when I grow up <3

i'm still hoping to grow up too!

Aww, thanks man! I've loved your entries too. This tournament has been a ton of fun, if stressful. It's interesting to read your interpretations on some of the entries as well. Gave me a totally different perspective on them.

It's going to be fun to see what the judges have to say about our entries, and, pardon the cliche, may the best man win.

(My entry is up now too, by the way. I finally manged to get it uploaded.)

yeah i'm looking forward to seeing what happens, feels like it could definitely swing either way depending on how the judges are feeling. good luck!

great things

listen doll, you're the great thing

The extremely personal theme running through the NATA entries you created will grant them real staying power. I already showed a couple of them to friends who might be able to relate or really feel the beauty in the work, they loved them, and no I didn't just show them the one I'm in either!

On the theme of relationships, I'll say to you about losing what my dog says to me about losing.

"[slightly hungry and inquisitive stare]"