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dylan's News

Posted by dylan - January 24th, 2016

hey gs and gs,

got some news i've been wanting to share with y'all since september! check it out here:

back during the third round of nata i was contacted by titmouse, the studio i interned with last spring. they were commissioned by adult swim to make like ten bumpers, and they wanted me to direct one. a nice chunk of my time during the final round against @thesilleguy was divided to do concept, pitch, and rough animation for this so that i wouldn't disapoint my friends in los angeles. it definitely felt weird to have a project going on that i couldn't share anything about publicly. in the end, i had what you see above, and i've been waiting to share it for like four months now.

and speaking of nata, 'your art is shit' got a staff pick on vimeo!

it's been a busy couple weeks dealing with press, licensing, and other junk for it, and it feels like it's already been a solid boost to my career. if anyone out there is interested, i'd be happy to do a writeup on the promotional work i did for this piece that ended up having a big hand in getting the staff pick. it's information that i think would be beneficial to indie creators on all these sites, because i really don't feel like many of you are doing a decent job at self promotion.

all my loves,


Posted by dylan - January 4th, 2016

hey gys and gls,

happy new year! you remember that last video i made for nata a few months back? well i took some time over the holiday to polish it up. you can check out the new version here:

it's got remixed vocal track and a new visual segment towards the end. i took out the stuff with my old characters, since i think only my newgrounds followers would get most of those references. i feel it makes it a bit more applicable to the public in general, but at the same time it seems to remove the 'me' part from the video, like i'm less emotionally invested. not fully sure which version i like more in that regard. i do really dig the new oversaturated vocal track, though.

i'm getting more and more into versioning my videos. i've come to believe that the video should fit the venue it's being played in, if that makes sense. like each new place you see the video should be a whole new experience, not just a repeat of what you've already seen. something that takes advantage of where and how you're watching the piece.

a monthish ago, deppressing stories was played in a local abstract-film showcase, and i took the time to completely redo a couple of the segments for the screening. i really like the idea that there's 50-100 people out there that have a totally unique experience with that film, one that you and i will never quite get. i think from now on i'm going to plan alternate sequences in all of my shorts to really take advantage of the possibilities of versioning. 

speaking of plans, i think i'm also going to be trying a new way of making short films in 2016. i'm planning on doing 10-15 second segments that are optimized for instagram. once i've got a minute or two of footage, it'll be compiled for newgrounds viewing as well. i'm really liking the idea of self-contained vignettes that combine to form a larger theme, kind of like power rangers. we'll see how that goes. 

anyways, happy new years!

all my loves,

Posted by dylan - December 2nd, 2015

hey all and the rest,

time to announce the three judge picks of the sarcastic animation jam!

linktcone already has supporter status for the year and has chosen to pass it along to the next runner-up, congrats @megadrivesonic with window fish!

all three will recieve a pair of hikarian's handmade drawing-gloves, along with honorary supporter status! in addition to that, railtoons, our audience choice winner, will recieve 50 bucks!

you can check out the rest of the collection here.

this was a lot of fun to organize, hoping we'll get to do something like this again next year!

loves and gloves,


Posted by dylan - November 20th, 2015

edit: official forum topic with rules and other junk

hey you and you too,

want to jam? well i got one for you. the sarcastic animation jam, happening as of now. animators, you have from now until 11:59:59 est on sunday to make a kickass animation using at least two out of these three elements:

prop: a fish bowl
location: a place with a broken window
line of dialogue: “she’s not my _____”

these are simply meant to make sure the piece was made in the timeframe and do not need to be the focus of the piece.

those are the basics. get going!

all my sarcasm,

Posted by dylan - November 13th, 2015

hey anjmators and animatjrs,

announcing the first sarcastic animation jam, the sarcastic 2/3 jam!

next weekend, friday the 20th through sunday the 22nd, it’s animation jamjam time: you, a computer, some drinks, good times, and a cartoon. also there’s prizes.

next friday evening, 5pm est, i’ll post three things. they could be anything from a line of dialogue, to a prop, to a location, to whatever. you’ll pick 2 out of the 3 and make a movie that utilizes them. as an example, i might post:

- “you know what they say”
- a cardboard box
- the pacific ocean

then you take two of those and make a (hopefully) damn fine movie. only one animator per entry, but feel free to bring on voice actors, musicians, background artists, whatever else you might need to make your thing cool. judges include a smattering of previous nata winners. it’s gonna be way fun.

prizes! yeah, there’s gonna be prizes. I’ll give y’all the official prize announcement with the theme next friday, but it’s looking like cash, status, and a few kickass drawing gloves from hikarian's store (been using one of these myself for the past year, awesome as all getout)! 

remember: 5pm est next friday. be ready for making some stuff. 

for voice actors, musicians, etc: if you want to contribute your talents to the jam, let me know below and i'll be sure to include you (and a link to your demo) in the official announcement next friday!


Posted by dylan - September 25th, 2015

hey gjys and gjrls! 

so it’s been a fun few months of nata for me, and now it’s all done. my final submission, 'your art is shit,' is now online. i thought it’d be nice to do a quick retrospective on my experience on year 3 of entering, so i queued up all my videos and barfed out some thoughts on them, along with thoughts on where i’m at with animation in general.

if you don’t want to read all this self-centered junk, just know that there’s a big announcement coming your way in the next few days once a few details are finalized! it’s loosely related to the sarcastic collabs, and you’re going to love it.

loves me, loves me not’ - my open round entry for the theme ’ten facts.’ i really like this one. it was a great warm up to just do something totally abstract and strange. basically, there had been this girl that i was chatting up, and i started to get to that stage where you’re just wondering ‘does this person feel the same way i do?’ nothing came of it in the end, and i just felt that i had missed out on a lot while i was just sitting there, uselessly twiddling my thumbs.

white noise machine’ - my novice round entry for the theme ‘surving ___.’ there was this girl i was seeing for a minute, but we pretty quickly realized that we were more into each other platonically than we were romantically. the breakup was mutual, but she made a sarcastic comment about how she’d have trouble sleeping without my white noise machine. i thought it was a really nice image, the way you feel when someone leaves you manifested through all these small, once-insignificant objects. 

we watched fireworks (on tv)’ - my pro round entry for the theme ‘a tragic misunderstanding.’ after all this junk about romantic relationships, i thought it’d be nice to move over to a familial relationship. this was a nearly entirely accurate representation of my childhood fourth of julys. i was afraid of fireworks, so i spent my fourths bonding with my great grandmother, easily some of my best childhood memories. i thought it would be nice to cement those memories into an animation before i get old and forget all of them. and no, @tomfulp, i’m not deaf, ya goofball.

your art is shit’ - my final entry to nata 2015, for ‘against all odds.’ after covering most of the other types of relationships in my life, i thought i’d cover my relationship with art. i had originally (a month or two ago) written up this big blog-post about what i labeled ‘artistic dysmorphia,’ this thing where people constantly down-talk their own work, whether it’s because they’re humble, modest, insecure, or whatever. i haven’t posted that yet, and maybe i don’t really need to anymore, but the short revolves around those ideas; how it’s not helpful to compare your own art to others, how hard it can be to ‘make it’ as an artist, how sometimes you have to accept that your work just might be shit, and that it’s okay to make shit. if your art is shit, so is mine - so is his - so is hers. it’s all just art in the end. 

if you’ve followed my work for a while you’ll notice a few of my previous characters and styles appearing in the short, it was neat to see how my techniques have changed. speaking of style, working on this one was a blast. i did a lot of (semi) blind contours for this piece, drawing things without looking at the screen. made for some beautifully weird lineart. i love it.

when i started nata this year, i knew that i wanted to stick to one theme throughout the whole thing to make my pieces have a cohesive feel to them. i chose to keep everything centered on love. i think it worked out well. 

i also need to give shoutouts to @thegoatee, @codeblackhayate, and @sirundead. these guys all came through for me each time i asked over the tournament. i always asked them for help on literally the final day of each round, and they all came through with some fucking awesome work. you cats are the best!

anyhoo, that was my nata. i had a blast. if you haven’t, go check out thesilleguy's entries too, he’s been fucking on point this whole tournament. 

all my <3s,

Posted by dylan - August 24th, 2015

hey kits and kats,

i'm gonna be selfish for a sec and self indulge in making something for me. here it is.


fireworks by beyoncé, checkers by gladys mahar.

happy mother's day,

Posted by dylan - August 13th, 2015

hey beaches and coasts,

i'm back from my trip! i had a lot of drinks and got too much sun. it was great, i'm content. if you wanna see photos, i posted a grand total of two on my instagram! i snapchatted more, but those are all gone by now, sorry if ya missed em. one was of an adorably tiny palm tree. 

did i miss anything important while i was gone? heard the new sarcastic collab got posted, go check it!

now i'm going to readjust to this awful time zone and hopefully get going on my nata pro piece soon.


Posted by dylan - August 1st, 2015

hey guys and gals,

meant to do this two weeks ago when it was actually relevant. i'm slow, moving sucks. sorry.

anywho, check out my new short: white noise machine. it’s about love and junk. was on the front page for a nice while and got me through to the next round of nata. i like it. it’s got sirundead on vocals and thegoatee on beats. you should give those guys some lookin, they rock.


for you animators out there, get in on the next sarcastic collab: sarcastic body language! express an emotion/character/feeling/whatever without relying on facial cues. you've got until sunday night to get it done. my entry, high fashion duck, at the bottom. more details over on pahgawk’s news post.

i'll be back in a couple weeks after vacation for more animation and junk

all my loves,


Posted by dylan - June 30th, 2015

hey flowers and petals,

it's that time of year again, and i'm pumping out a handful of short films. some of you might think they're cool and some of you probably don't. in any case, here's the first. s'bout love, relationships, and superstitions:

again, review responses will be beyoncé quotes. if you're into that, cool beahnz, otherwise you might be moderately disapointed. maybe i'll explain my thoughts behind the quotes one of these days.

in other news, sarcastic collabs are back on the menu! anyone can join, and you can check the specs and theme on pahgawk's news post. we encourage all levels of animators to join. it's a great way to get into the community or just experiment with new styles. everything is going to be awesome either way. 

pahgawk and i are also cooking up something a bit bigger for the last of the collabs this year. hopefully it works out well, cause it'll be pretty niftyswifty. look out for it.

with love,

ps - here's a look at my part.
full house