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That's a very interesting, and artistic, decision, to make the work unique in that way for some people... I feel super jealous! :) And I like the idea of compilations, and very much look forward to seeing what comes out.


Happy new year!

Funny you mention the different versions for different venues, @NCH is working on an NG version of one of his animations at the moment to thematically fit the site vs the YouTube version.

I also appreciate the fuck out of @Redminus putting fun NG intros in his NG videos... I know it's a lot of extra effort to tailor things to a specific site but it goes a LONG WAY towards making everyone here happier, not just me but regular NG users who want to feel like they aren't getting recycled goods from YouTube.

It's cool that you're going even further with the thematic twists, I can picture fans hunting your stuff down all over the place.

i think that's what i always loved about swfs, the loading screens.

you were forced to make this otherwise completely-unnecessary piece of art that had to captivate people enough to sit through horrible loading times. the ease of quickly streaming things is nice, but something's still lost in there. a nice loading screen would make something that's been posted on a ton of other sites still feel unique to newgrounds. it really does feel special when you notice that something you're watching was tailored specifically for you.

Yeah it does feel less 'personal' in some way; although I'd still recognize it as part of your current group of shorts; I think the new sound mix makes it a lot more involved.

it's pretty cool to consider the 'versioning aspects'; after all you have different expectations according to where you go to absorb your content; makes me think of my last loops which I've still uploaded in .swf format here because I think the absolute best way to play a loop is to do it without the comfort of having a timeline, so you can't tell if it's 'done' or not, heheh!

Speaking of versioning, Have you sent some of your shorts to festivals?

you're definitely right about swf being a great loop format. it's like a scalable, soundable gif that doesn't load all choppy.

i mostly just do local showcases. a few of my friends organize these mini-fests, so they'll just ask me to send them some fitting stuff to fill extra time.

i think my work is a little on the short side for a lot of larger festivals, it's understandably hard to justify bumping a longer piece for one of my minute long things. i think i mostly just don't want to pay submission fees and fill out forms, though. feels weird after being raised on the internet to have to pay to show people my work.

apparently titmouse submitted my depressing stories short to annecy this year, though, so that could be a lot of fun if it's accepted. last i checked they still didn't take online submissions, and i certainly wasn't about to deal with sending stuff overseas. you doing any festivals?

That's very clever to make different versions. Oddly enough each website / place has a different audience. And 15 second animations for Instagram is also very smart. There's a huge audience on Instagram that a lot of us haven't capitalized on.

Good luck! Looking forward to seeing what you do in 2016

yeah i think ig isn't popular because it has no play count, no way to quantify how well your thing is doing. it also isn't a very efficient way to share your work with people who don't already follow you as far as i know. plus there's no monetization for those that want that sweet ad money.

but those things aren't really what i want out of all this, so i'm looking forward to giving the format a shot. i'm also interested in that square aspect ratio.

hope it's a good year for you as well!