NATA? NATAnymore! ('sa pun)

2014-08-04 14:12:10 by dylan

hey paps,
So my run in nata has come to an end. It was a fun time, but I got the boot. Here’s my piece in case you missed it:

Music, again, by TheGoatee. I’d say it’s my best piece of the tournament and easily one of the better ones I’ve done overall. Losing is never a fun thing, but losing after putting my best effort into it eases whatever bit of sting there was. I’d much rather go out with a piece like this than something I might try and make excuses for.

The two guys up this round are StejkRobot and ButzboPrud, an awesome matchup that I think was pretty much a given since novice round. The theme this time rocks, and I can’t wait to see what will come of the StejboPrud and ButzRobot style mashups.

Back on my submission, I think the best judge writeup came from Emrox this time:

A+ on lookin' cool

It nicely sums up the way I felt about the piece while making it. My deal this round was that I didn’t want to do another deepish-metaphory-comefeelshittyaboutyourselffortwominutes kind of piece since I was getting super burnt-out on that stuff. I wanted to make something that was exactly what it appeared to be on surface level, something that was fun to work on. I ended up settling on this kid looking for a frisbee and a spider catching a ride home.

As I worked on the piece, I started to go about that idea in a way that I feel ended up giving it this ambiguous meaning about relationships between man and nature. But I guess it’s up to you to decide if that’s pretty neat or if it’s just a bunch of pretentious bull shit.

love you with all my heart,

P.S. my next ps writeup will be posted as soon as I have my website up n running. My Dumping Grounds keeps nearly filling up each time I have to add a movie or whatever, so I need to wait til I have some other place to store the Creative Commons files.


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2014-08-04 14:26:55

I haven't been yelled at yet, so I guess I'm still in the runnings.

dylan responds:



2014-08-04 14:27:51

Oh, whoops. Ignore that last comment.

dylan responds:

Oh, whoops. Ignore that last response.


2014-08-04 17:34:11

Shame to hear you're out of NATA. Looking forward to those tutorials!

dylan responds:

they'll come eventually, pinky promise


2014-08-05 10:13:34

Feel free to contact me when you have any projects in need of music Dylan, this time we don't have to do it day of;)

dylan responds:

I'm still just gonna send it to you day of, the rush is half the fun, right?


2014-08-11 14:24:54

Regarding something unrelated, change your Aura man! sucks to see blank slate instead of animator or something else!

dylan responds:

I'm cool with blank slate