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2014-08-21 14:52:33 by dylan

Hey kids and kiddos,

I'm getting that next photoshop writeup ready, should be putting it up this weeked maybe? keep your fingers crissed.

there's a slightly different version of my latest film, spider bite movie, up on vimeo, check it out if that's what you're into

Also, just as a heads up, there probably won't be too much from me in the way of full animations this fall. I've got two major projects that I'm working on that are going to take up a lot of my time:

  • super-secret project #1: my animation professor has recruited me to animate on his short film. I probably shouldn't say much at the moment, but it looks like it'll be a lot of fun. plus it's looking like there'll be a big name attached to it, oh and it's got whales. and it's paid. so, yeah, right up my alley
  • not-as-secret project #2: just a larger-than-normal short film that I'll be making with some peeps that'll take a lot longer-than-normal to animate. probably update you guys on this one as it's made.

other than that, I've got a long-term project where I'll be trying out as much animation software as I can get my hands on. I'll be doing a weekly or bi-weekly writeup on the software I use, along with creating some short animations with them to release under a creative commons license for you guys to use however. It should help people decide on what animation program is right for them so that people will stop having the stupid conversation about whether flash or toonboom is better. 

lovin you,

go look at my dumb art

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2014-08-22 19:24:09

the legend

dylan responds:



2014-12-11 06:14:17

Why do you put triangles in most of your work?

dylan responds:

they're aesthetically pleasing