sarcastic collab & new animation

2015-08-01 18:33:09 by dylan

hey guys and gals,

meant to do this two weeks ago when it was actually relevant. i'm slow, moving sucks. sorry.

anywho, check out my new short: white noise machine. it’s about love and junk. was on the front page for a nice while and got me through to the next round of nata. i like it. it’s got sirundead on vocals and thegoatee on beats. you should give those guys some lookin, they rock.

for you animators out there, get in on the next sarcastic collab: sarcastic body language! express an emotion/character/feeling/whatever without relying on facial cues. you've got until sunday night to get it done. my entry, high fashion duck, at the bottom. more details over on pahgawk’s news post.

i'll be back in a couple weeks after vacation for more animation and junk

all my loves,



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2015-08-02 11:34:45

And this is how you ride a 2015! Yeehaw!

dylan responds:

ehll yeah! just took me 7 months to get there


2015-08-02 21:26:32

I honestly wonder how many entries there will be this time. As far as I can tell, there's only yours, mine and Pahgawk's.

dylan responds:

there's a good handful now! sometimes the collabs get slow, especially a few rounds in, but there generally seems to always be a good group of people that do them.

sometimes it just takes dave a while to get around to adding them into the project as well