sarcastic animation jam!

2015-11-13 21:24:09 by dylan

hey anjmators and animatjrs,

announcing the first sarcastic animation jam, the sarcastic 2/3 jam!

next weekend, friday the 20th through sunday the 22nd, it’s animation jamjam time: you, a computer, some drinks, good times, and a cartoon. also there’s prizes.

next friday evening, 5pm est, i’ll post three things. they could be anything from a line of dialogue, to a prop, to a location, to whatever. you’ll pick 2 out of the 3 and make a movie that utilizes them. as an example, i might post:

- “you know what they say”
- a cardboard box
- the pacific ocean

then you take two of those and make a (hopefully) damn fine movie. only one animator per entry, but feel free to bring on voice actors, musicians, background artists, whatever else you might need to make your thing cool. judges include a smattering of previous nata winners. it’s gonna be way fun.

prizes! yeah, there’s gonna be prizes. I’ll give y’all the official prize announcement with the theme next friday, but it’s looking like cash, status, and a few kickass drawing gloves from hikarian's store (been using one of these myself for the past year, awesome as all getout)! 

remember: 5pm est next friday. be ready for making some stuff. 

for voice actors, musicians, etc: if you want to contribute your talents to the jam, let me know below and i'll be sure to include you (and a link to your demo) in the official announcement next friday!



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2015-11-13 22:27:01

I'll be happy to do voice work free of charge for ANY entry into Dylan's contest!

Any scripts for this will be prioritized with urgency so as to not hold back your animating schedule!

dylan responds:

nicenice, i'll be sure to put you down in the official announcement!


2015-11-13 23:30:03

k cool

dylan responds:

thanks boo


2015-11-14 11:27:02

aw man I would join but that's when I will be at CTN!

dylan responds:

didn't even realize that was next weekend, that's too bad!


2015-11-14 18:11:48


dylan responds:



2015-11-16 14:26:43

Any Animators looking for Va's can check out my Demo Reel! I would love to be apart of your animation! I will gladly do what you need for free!

My Demo Reel:

dylan responds:

i'll put you down on the list!


2015-11-16 15:47:10

Fuck me and my job!

dylan responds:

you gotta ask nicer than that


2015-11-16 16:14:55

Hi Guys!
Voice Actor available here if needed! Demos available on my page:
chrisrosewood's page
Paid or Non-Paid jobs accepted! Feel free to PM me or Skype me!
Looking forward to working with you guys! Let's make something awesome!


2015-11-16 16:15:20

Hi Guys!
Voice Actor available here if needed! Demos available on my page:

Paid or Non-Paid jobs accepted! Feel free to PM me or Skype me!
Looking forward to working with you guys! Let's make something awesome!

dylan responds:

i'll put you down on the list!


2015-11-16 16:33:47

This has amazing potential, hopefully Ill have time to be a part of this jam.

dylan responds:



2015-11-16 22:44:05

I second @sirundead's comment, I'll happily lend my voice for the jam for anyone who is interested in my sexy voc :P

dylan responds:

i'll put you down on the list!


2015-11-17 10:28:44

when does it end on the sunday? I have a night shift on the saturday so I'll only be free from about 10am GMT on sunday to do this but I wanna have a go if I can

dylan responds:

it'll probably end at 11:59:59 est


2015-11-17 11:42:21

I'll keep myself available for free voice over work all weekend.
Studio quality for free? Whaaaaat?!

dylan responds:

nicenicenice, i'll make sure you're on the list!


2015-11-17 11:44:23

I'm so there! :)

(Updated ) dylan responds:



2015-11-17 12:12:31

This sounds like fun. I'll see if I can join in. I may also be able to provide music for other contestants, should they desire something not too far from my usual style.

Also, question. Any rough estimates on how long our cartoons should be?

dylan responds:

just whatever length your thing needs to me, no requirements


2015-11-17 16:42:32

Coolibertstuff!, it can be pretty fun to try and mix the different possibilities, and it's always great to find excuses for making something that could resemble a short! too bad I'll be on a local-comic-illustration-event-thing on the weekend, but I'll be keeping some eyeballs on this.

Are you considering this as some monthly/frecuent endeavor?

dylan responds:

too bad! i hope your comic-illustration-thing ends up online, always love to see more of your work.

don't know about monthly. that'd be cool, but i don't think it would keep up steam for long if we kept going. maybe a 6 month thing, or just wait til nata rolls around and we start up the sarcastic collabs again.


2015-11-17 18:49:12

Ill take a stab at it never made an animation before might as well start with a jam.

dylan responds:

sounds like a good place to start!


2015-11-18 14:00:08

Can I voice act?

dylan responds:

i'll put you on the list!


2015-11-18 14:01:08

Oh snap I may have to come back to newgrounds just to lend my voice for any of these

dylan responds:

oh boy, chongo back in the newgroundshouse! if you think you'll be available, i'll make sure to put you into the announcement post


2015-11-18 18:46:05

Oh my... I wonder if I can make something in time since I absolutely refuse to animate with any other method than frame by frame :p

Cannot wait for the reveal of the "things" :)

dylan responds:

frame-by-frame'll work perfect, just don't try for a feature length film


2015-11-20 09:02:30

The creative urge demands a Collab, COUNT ME IN! >:D


2015-11-20 12:44:44

Cool! I may finally participate in one of these sarcastic projects!