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adult swim bumper

Posted by dylan - January 24th, 2016

hey gs and gs,

got some news i've been wanting to share with y'all since september! check it out here:

back during the third round of nata i was contacted by titmouse, the studio i interned with last spring. they were commissioned by adult swim to make like ten bumpers, and they wanted me to direct one. a nice chunk of my time during the final round against @thesilleguy was divided to do concept, pitch, and rough animation for this so that i wouldn't disapoint my friends in los angeles. it definitely felt weird to have a project going on that i couldn't share anything about publicly. in the end, i had what you see above, and i've been waiting to share it for like four months now.

and speaking of nata, 'your art is shit' got a staff pick on vimeo!

it's been a busy couple weeks dealing with press, licensing, and other junk for it, and it feels like it's already been a solid boost to my career. if anyone out there is interested, i'd be happy to do a writeup on the promotional work i did for this piece that ended up having a big hand in getting the staff pick. it's information that i think would be beneficial to indie creators on all these sites, because i really don't feel like many of you are doing a decent job at self promotion.

all my loves,


Comments (13)

Beautiful works man, cool to see people on NG breaching into the professional/ contracted world of art entertainment creation. Awesome flicks.

Congrats man, Titmouse chose well!
And I agree on the self promotion part, I suck at it as well.

Looks great, dude! :) I've also thought about making an edit to my final NATA animation to fix the sound but I don't have that many good sound effects, lol.

Still, great work, and it's awesome you did an adult swim bumper :D

You deserve all that recognition - and even more. Your work is just brilliant, Dylan. ^-^

Dude that is great!!
The bumper's really neat. And your NATA piece is woooonderful. Glad to hear you're doing so well.

Congrats, that's really cool

Great result, as always, with AS... :D

Now that's some cool shit, nice work!

your bumper is scary and

YEEEEESSSSS. Lol, congrats again man!

Congrats on the bumper and staff pick!

A writeup on the promotional work would probably be a great read.

Would love a write up on your promotion process. Congrats and keep up the great work!

That's awesome news! I'd love to do something for Adult Swim.