Entry #35

adult swim bumper

2016-01-24 12:11:43 by dylan

hey gs and gs,

got some news i've been wanting to share with y'all since september! check it out here:

back during the third round of nata i was contacted by titmouse, the studio i interned with last spring. they were commissioned by adult swim to make like ten bumpers, and they wanted me to direct one. a nice chunk of my time during the final round against @thesilleguy was divided to do concept, pitch, and rough animation for this so that i wouldn't disapoint my friends in los angeles. it definitely felt weird to have a project going on that i couldn't share anything about publicly. in the end, i had what you see above, and i've been waiting to share it for like four months now.

and speaking of nata, 'your art is shit' got a staff pick on vimeo!

it's been a busy couple weeks dealing with press, licensing, and other junk for it, and it feels like it's already been a solid boost to my career. if anyone out there is interested, i'd be happy to do a writeup on the promotional work i did for this piece that ended up having a big hand in getting the staff pick. it's information that i think would be beneficial to indie creators on all these sites, because i really don't feel like many of you are doing a decent job at self promotion.

all my loves,


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2016-01-24 12:15:13

Moving up in the world eh? Good for you...


2016-01-24 12:23:51

Beautiful works man, cool to see people on NG breaching into the professional/ contracted world of art entertainment creation. Awesome flicks.


2016-01-24 12:30:08

Congrats man, Titmouse chose well!
And I agree on the self promotion part, I suck at it as well.


2016-01-24 12:33:19

Looks great, dude! :) I've also thought about making an edit to my final NATA animation to fix the sound but I don't have that many good sound effects, lol.

Still, great work, and it's awesome you did an adult swim bumper :D


2016-01-24 14:21:21

You deserve all that recognition - and even more. Your work is just brilliant, Dylan. ^-^


2016-01-24 16:52:21

Dude that is great!!
The bumper's really neat. And your NATA piece is woooonderful. Glad to hear you're doing so well.


2016-01-24 17:04:00

Congrats, that's really cool


2016-01-24 18:19:03

Great result, as always, with AS... :D


2016-01-24 21:25:46

Now that's some cool shit, nice work!


2016-01-25 17:53:19

your bumper is scary and


2016-01-26 06:21:19

YEEEEESSSSS. Lol, congrats again man!


2016-01-26 12:16:25

Congrats on the bumper and staff pick!

A writeup on the promotional work would probably be a great read.


2016-01-28 12:04:28

Would love a write up on your promotion process. Congrats and keep up the great work!


2016-02-02 03:49:48

That's awesome news! I'd love to do something for Adult Swim.