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i've seen this sitting for years on vimeo, but never actually took the time to watch it. really glad i finally gave it its 17 minutes. don't know that i ever would have if you hadn't uploaded it here. thanks for deciding to pop it up on newgrounds, hope you keep doing so in the future!

wh347 responds:

Awesome, thanks for watching. And believe me, I can sympathize with avoiding long films on Vimeo. I definitely plan to put my stuff up here in the future!

man your style meshes well with so many things. shorts, still art, gifs, games, and now card games. i would definitely buy myself a starter pack of butzbo cards

Butzbo responds:

Hehhh, thanks man!; I'd say making some sort of creature-based-TCG is some sort of long term goal :)

overall, this piece is perfect, but it's also kinda short. 0/5.

except for that brewster guy, 2/5.

where's the sarcasm at/5

it's not even inanimate so 0

Pahgawk responds:

It was supposed to be inanimate so I tried uploading to the audio portal because it's not a movie but the uploader conplained

gross, i don't want you uploading my animations to ng.

you rock

Gianni responds:

"Mama told Papa be quiet as a mouse
So Papa climbed up on top of the house.
Made a lot of whoopee, made a lot of noise,
Stood up and cheered with the rest of the boys.
Baby's in the cradle, brothers gone to town.
Sister's in the parlor trying on a gown.
Mama's in the kitchen messin' all around.
Papa's on the housetop and won't come down."

- Leroy Carr (1905 to 1935)

very fucking xcited

Pahgawk responds:

Variety of fabulous xcellence

awesome butz! I've been excited for this matchup since like intermediate round, and it turned out fantastic

also, you totally nailed stejk's character designs

Butzbo responds:

Thank a lot Dylan; the least I could do was to try "Stejk"-ing the protagonist, despite being one of the few more stylized characters, hahah!
OH well, what a round!

Great job man, you achieved an all-around butzfilm while still keeping a lot of your style in the piece. This world really feels like it would exist in a butzbo universe.

also, your sound designer did a fantastic job capturing the soundscape of a butzbo film.

you rock.

StejkRobot responds:

you rock.

there was nothing in this film that I didn't completely love.

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